Duncannon Beach Holiday Park

 Sustainability Policy 2021/2022

We at Duncannon Beach Holiday Park are committed to Sustainable Tourism and while we are not perfect we are on a Journey.  Please have a look at our Sustainable Travel Policy which is under constant review to remind us to look after our natural resources and protect our Community, our Wildlife and our Planet.

This document will be reviewed June 2022

  1. Vision
  • At Duncannon Holiday Park our vision is to provide a family holiday experience creating lifelong family memories using the natural resources we have on our doorstep, without harming the environment and encouraging our visitors to respect the natural flora and fauna so they will be there for future generations to enjoy.
  • We believe in sustainable tourism which informs our vision to provide a safe and sustainable holiday experience to all our visitors in the best way that we possibly can.  We aim to do this with minimal disruption to our community, our environment and our planet.
  • It is our vision to provide a back to Nature experience that provides the traveller with all their expectations, however their stay does not have to impact on our community or environment in a harmful way.

We hope to rewild and encourage wildlife to return to areas that have been neglected in our park and extend the biodiversity throughout the park.

We also plan to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of our resources as possible throughout every aspect of the park.

Our ethos is to be kind to our visitors, our community and our planet.

  • Duncannon Holiday Park is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and we are committed to alleviating those negative impacts as it’s our vision.
  1. UNWTO definition
  • At Duncannon Holiday Park, we believe that sustainable tourism is tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts while addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities (UNWTO, n.d.). We therefore aim to reduce our negative effects and increase our positive impacts. 
  1. Continuous improvement
  • We know we have a lot to do, and this is just the start, but with our growth plans we have included a commitment to achieve better sustainability and we plan to keep going and keep learning. We would like to invite you all to join us along the way.  We aim to provide you with a healthy and sustainable Holiday experience.
  1. Measuring and reducing negative impacts

4a. Energy consumption 

  • To reduce our electricity usage, we work closely with our electricity provider Pinergy and monitor our usage throughout the year. This company allows us to meter each mobile home individually so that those using less electricity are not being charged for those using more. And that Duncannon Beach Holiday Park are using electricity from sustainable sources that are friendly to our community and our planet. 

We regularly (bi-monthly) measure and review our consumption and aim to reduce the consumption by replacing street lamps with LED bulbs and using other more energy efficient tools such as washing machines and dryers around the park. We will replace old or faulty equipment with the best rated equipment possible. We also will be encouraging our residents to do the same within their own mobile homes and decking areas. 

4b. Water consumption 

  • We commit to measuring our water consumption every 2 months and do the following to reduce consumption: install rain harvesting equipment for use in washing/toilet and cleaning areas.  We also commit to regular checks and repair of water leaks to avoid wastage. Maintain our water pump facility so that it is working efficiently and effectively all year round.  In our future plans we hope to install aerators in the showers which will decrease water usage without affecting the customers shower experience.  There will be timers on the showers and taps to reduce the likelihood of them being left on accidently and we hope to introduce the use of toilet bags into the cisterns which will improve our water usage with immediate effect.

4c. Waste production 

  • We commit to measuring our waste consumption every 2 months and do the following to reduce consumption: Install a waste compactor to reduce collection times, tidy up our recycling bins and make them easier for all the residents to use, provide clear instructions on recycling and keep areas tidy and easy to use.  We will also buy paper items and cleaning items in bulk to reduce packaging. We will also be introducing a pre check in advice sheet which will include recommendations such as bringing refillable water bottles instead of plastic ones and considering what food they are bringing and enclosing a list of our local shops and restaurants, where the visitor might consider purchasing what they need.
  1. Ethical purchasing
  • At Duncannon Holiday Park we are committed to:  Purchasing local where possible (Within Ireland).  We will be using the eco label index to identify certified products when it comes time to switch. We aim to ask all other providers about their sustainability so we can make informed choices about the providers we use.
  1. Carbon offsetting 
  • At Duncannon Holiday Park we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and to offsetting the remainder with a trusted partner. 
  • We are currently looking to find a partner to offset our remaining emissions. We aim at having found our partner by the end of 2022
  1. Responsible sustainability marketing
  • We know that it is important to communicate our efforts in an honest way. We are aware of the risk of greenwashing, and we therefore commit to: Speak honestly about where we are on our journey, we promise to never promote unsupported data or racial injustice or hate speech
  1. Social responsibility


  • We support our local community by employing local residents and supporting festivals such as the Duncannon Sand Sculpting Festival and the Kitesurfing Festival. We are active board members of Hook   and tourism which also encourages and develops employment initiatives within the community. Through this board we are encouraging all our members to look at their sustainability and are happy to share what we learn with all the members so they too can work sustainably going into the future. 
  1. Supporting Biodiversity 
  • We support and conserve the Irish biodiversity by including it in all our growth plans.  We hope to not only stop but try to reverse any damage done and encourage wildlife and fauna back into the area.  We aim to follow the principles of the All Ireland Pollinator plan and have already employed consultants to guide us through our growth journey ensuring that our impact on the biodiversity of the park is enhanced and not damaged any further.

Signed by:

 Philip Wallace               15/11/21


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